To Truly Submit to You

To Truly Submit

Ya Allah,

You know I have gone through a lot these past couple of years. Many of my false premises were shattered. I struggled with them. Some of them –comfort, what used to work, my false belief, ego–I held too dearly for the wrong reasons. In order to untie these attachments, I had to go through some pain.  I understand it better now. I know You put me to the tests to grow a better version of myself. They are for my own good because You love me more than my own mother.

Ya Allah,

I seek for your forgiveness, for I did not see the wisdom in them and resisted being in a state of Ridha (contentment with Allah) and content with Your Decree. I tried…You Know I did, albeit I could have tried harder. Perhaps the issue was that I tried too hard when the time had not come for the wisdom to be revealed. I tried hard to understand them when all I should have done was just to trust you and be content.  To truly believe in you is to neither be too attached to worldly things or to our own intended and expected outcome.  In fact, it isn’t even to try to understand any event when it first hits us. You Know best what is good for us. Our minds and Shaitan play tricks on us and make us think we know better. How can that be possible with our limited knowledge and wisdom?  Only you are the One with Unlimited Knowledge and Wisdom. Al Aleem (The Most Knowing) and Al Hakeem (The Most Wise)

Ya Allah,

In the days ahead, please guide me to face each day with renewed resolve in trusting you more, lessened anxiety over any outcome, more resilience to carry on without being shackled by the past, to be in the zone of tranquillity through remembrance of you while carrying my daily role as a son, a brother, a colleague, a friend, a member of the society and most importantly as a submitting and humble slave of Yours.  Ameen. To You, I surrender. 

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