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A hundred times I am pressed,back and forth, between words.Do they know I know it all,of what lies in their hearts at all? The spaces they fill with words,and the spaces they skip and leave,I can take it all back,faster than a blink.Do they know I see it all,Their wishes and desires overall? I am used over and over again,without much thought.Do they know I feel it all?Insecurity or immorality — I feel it all. Correcting the past in a flash,I am taken for granted, to be frank.But am I not a blessing?The humble, forgiving blank? But above all –Do they know how often they forget it all?The message of truth, from the sky above all? So, be mindful is what I convey,of sins and mistakes to be made.Do they know I realise it all,for the deeds will one day be answered to Almighty of all? I cannot rectify your wrongful acts,for I am found in a world apart.Follow the righteous path is what I can say,Because I am the ‘backspace’ who knows it all. By Rushna Ali Khan