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The Reality of the Transient Life

by Abdul Azeez Tunbosun One of the most emphasized teachings in Islam, which is also shared by the other Abrahamic faiths, is that life is transient. We came from somewhere, journeying on a mission and will definitely return at an undisclosed time. The reality of the unknown time of return is a mystery which encourages […]

Trust as a Dictum of Our Actions

Every bit of existence has a connection to TRUST. For humans, trust always precedes or co-exists with our actions. Trust is “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.” Common, in our everyday conversations, are phrases such as “truth be told…” before establishing a fact. Interestingly,  whether the fact is […]

Reflections on Grief and Bereavement from an Islamic Perspective (Part II)

6. The end of times is marked by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, natural disasters and massive deaths Whenever a serious catastrophe hits this world, we see headlines speaking of the ‘apocalypse’. It is surely the weak human’s incapacity to imagine greater damage or his need to justify any of his reactions to what is happening. Our […]

Reflections on Grief and Bereavement from an Islamic Perspective (Part I)

It is very hard to speak of human grief because it calls for a lot of nuances and one cannot venture into ‘guessing’ words that give painful events their due. Nevertheless, it is only fitting to say that whenever large-scale catastrophes hit, they submerge the ummā in deep agony. Loss, in Arabic, is “ faqd”.  […]

Human Complexities And Experiences

By Abdul Azeez Tunbosun Reminiscing on some real-life incidents has helped me understand, in a practical sense, humans and the way we operate. The difference between knowing facts about something and directly witnessing or experiencing the thing can be likened to Robots and Humans. The former do not have soulful senses (to listen, touch, smell […]

Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of The Qur’an

by Dinah Khattab I  often think of how Prophet Yusuf’s confidence and sense of self-worth were not affected throughout his life despite the many challenges he faced. It always remained the same. For example, when he was released from prison after being wrongly accused, he said:   “Appoint me over the storehouses of the land. Indeed, […]

In and Out of the Lizard’s Hole

Personal Reflection on The Dilemma of Muslim Psychologists by Sahara Iman “You would tread the same path as was trodden by those before you inch by inch and step by step so much so that if they had entered into the lizard’s hole, you would follow them in this also” These were the words the […]