Name: ISIP stands for International Students of Islamic Psychology. The word ‘students’ is derived from the spirit and etymology of the Arabic word for student, ‘Talib طالب’ – to be a seeker of knowledge. ISIP is a place for us all to learn and grow. At ISIP our members include Professors, Ph.D candidates and well-experienced clinicians who are also seekers of knowledge and ‘students’. As an international organization we have members from across the globe and offer some of our initiatives in different languages. 

Logo: In our logo we have in Kufic Arabic script the main components that form the basis of the holistic approach to Islamic Psychology. Starting at the top and moving clockwise we have four arabic words Ruh (soul), Qalb (heart), Nafs (lower self), and Aql (mind + heart consciousness). These four words are connected and together form the basis of the human soul. This logo is inspired by the works and models as explained in Dr. Abdallah Rothman and Adrian Coyle’s article, “Toward a Framework for Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy: An Islamic Model of the Soul,” as well as Dr. Rasjid Skinner’s article, “What is Islamic Psychology?”