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Habits, Body, and Post-Ramadan Depression!

In the sacred month of Ramadan, a time meant for nourishing our faith and revitalizing our bodies, it’s elusory to see some Muslims grappling with post-Ramadan depression or physical debilitation. While the focus for many is on deepening their spiritual connection during Ramadan, the importance of maintaining healthy daily habits often gets sidelined. This oversight […]

Psychology of Ramadan | Lecture delivered by Prof. Ramzi Taleb

Summary notes by T. Abdul Azeez I. INTRODUCTION: Islamic or Prophetic Psychology, which can also be termed as Sacred Psychology, is physically, psychologically and spiritually holistic in its approach, making it appropriate to discuss Ramadan through this lens. Definition of Ramadan: It is a month-long Spiritual rehabilitation or the inner cultivation of the heart. How […]

Ramadan Challenge With Imam Ghazali

You might be wondering what challenge has to do with someone who has passed away centuries back. Well, his sadaqatu jariah lives on and one of his blessed works – the Ihya is very much alive with us and I want to take us through how all the forty books in the magnus can help […]

RAMADAN – The Real Race!

by Yousra ElhawaryIf athleticism is defined as “the physical qualities that are characteristic of athletes, such as strength, fitness, and agility” and athletes as “persons proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise”  then one must wonder if it is necessary to compete to become an athlete.  Many would argue that competition is an […]

Summary lessons from the Ihya (5): Mysteries of Zakat (Charity)

One of the reasons why it is difficult for most humans to give up potions of their wealth is the notion of entitlement or a false belief that the wealth they own is due to their hard work. More unfortunate is that most of us perceive the possession of wealth as “the source” of survival […]

Summary lessons from the Ihya (4): Mysteries of Worship

The religion establishes the relationship between the creation and the Creator, and the Salat (Islamic worship/prayer – whose root word means to connect) is the connection to establishing the relationship. Therefore, the adhan (call to worship) is the call to connect to Allah.  The call is pronounced five times daily as a reminder that Allah […]

Summary Lessons from the IHYA(6): Mysteries of Fasting

Every living organism needs a constant supply of energy to survive for each temporary or transient journey it takes. For human beings, food is essential for survival, especially for nourishment and energy to carry out their activities.  Too much food will however lead to laziness or render one inactive. This means that food must be […]