By becoming a member of ISIP- International Students of Islamic Psychology you are joining a movement that is aiming to bring about positive well-being for all human beings. You will join in the barakah and blessings that ISIP initiatives are bringing to people all over the world!  We already have an outreach of thousands of people through our various social media platforms. We have many different initiatives and task forces that would be happy to have your enthusiasm, skills and talents.  

Listed here are some of the benefits you will find by becoming an ISIP member. By becoming a member you will have exclusive access to the ISIP Digital Library, and in the future you can connect with other members for discussions, meetings, and scholarly networking.

Access to Digital Library

Access and conduct research. The ISIP Digital Library in English has over 1000 resources, and the ISIP Arabic Digital Library has over 200 curated resources related to Islamic Psychology.

Join one of our many Taskforces

  • Design, Curriculum Development, Blog (Writing), Disability, Support Groups (Revert/Sisters/Refugee Health/ADHD) 
  • Work in a Regional or Local chapters that are working to serve the needs of their specific communities (organizing lectures, halaqa, support groups in different languages)
  • Translation projects

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  • Access to Learning Initiatives with experienced professionals (Supervision/Mentorship)
  • As a researcher find support and mentors in the field

In-Person Retreats/Conferences