ISIP, the Al-Balkhi Institute for Psychological Research and Studies is excited to partner with Maqasid Institute. From this partnership is the formation of the Islamic Psychology Research Network (IPRN).

This important partnership centers the Maqasid Methodology – an objectives-based approach – in the research, education and outreach efforts of one of the world’s leading Islamic Psychology organizations.

Through the IPRN, the organizations will jointly:

Promote, value and focus divine guidance in the field of psychology to:

  •  Normalize mental health and wellness as part of Islam’s holistic approach to life;
  • Produce knowledge based on the revelation (the Qur’an and the Sunnah) utilizing a comprehensive revelation-centric and objectives-based methodology;
  • Create, manage and promote an Islamic Psychology Research Network;
  • Organize events to disseminate research findings.