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Summary lessons from the Ihya (7): Mysteries of Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Rationally, it is easy to understand the wisdom behind other acts of worship except for the Hajj. For instance, the act of bowing or prostration indicates humility and humbleness, fasting controls your nafs and breaking your desires, Zakat benefits poor people and this goes for other acts of worship. As for Hajj, going to Arafat, circumambulating […]

Look After Your Soul

I thought I’d share some learnings from a lecture series by ISIP and Al-Ghazali Chair (ISTAC-IIUM) on Imam Ghazali’s perspective on the human psyche being conducted by Dr Osman Bakar, current holder of the Al-Ghazali chair at ISTAC. Look After Your Soul We all know that our soul is from God. But it gets impacted […]

Summary lessons from the Ihya (5): Mysteries of Zakat (Charity)

One of the reasons why it is difficult for most humans to give up potions of their wealth is the notion of entitlement or a false belief that the wealth they own is due to their hard work. More unfortunate is that most of us perceive the possession of wealth as “the source” of survival […]

Summary lessons from the Ihya (3): Mysteries of Purity

Whenever the word purification is mentioned, the concept that comes to most minds is the cleanliness of an object, so cleansing for rituals is automatically associated with purification of the body from filth. Imam al-Ghazali redirects our attention to the reality of purity. Purification is an integral part of worship but is not limited to […]

Summary Lessons from the IHYA(6): Mysteries of Fasting

Every living organism needs a constant supply of energy to survive for each temporary or transient journey it takes. For human beings, food is essential for survival, especially for nourishment and energy to carry out their activities.  Too much food will however lead to laziness or render one inactive. This means that food must be […]