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Being Married to a Toxic Spouse

By Zaheda Motala Living with a toxic or narcissistic spouse can be an emotional roller coaster, where self-confidence is shattered, personal boundaries are constantly violated, and one’s sense of reality is distorted.  Case Study Sara was a pious and righteous 20-year-old girl who had always strived to please Allah. She had been married to Akbar, […]

Ramadan Challenge With Imam Ghazali

You might be wondering what challenge has to do with someone who has passed away centuries back. Well, his sadaqatu jariah lives on and one of his blessed works – the Ihya is very much alive with us and I want to take us through how all the forty books in the magnus can help […]

Look After Your Soul

I thought I’d share some learnings from a lecture series by ISIP and Al-Ghazali Chair (ISTAC-IIUM) on Imam Ghazali’s perspective on the human psyche being conducted by Dr Osman Bakar, current holder of the Al-Ghazali chair at ISTAC. Look After Your Soul We all know that our soul is from God. But it gets impacted […]