Sign language chart , hands reading from braille, hearing aids and a wheelchair, and there is the title which says, Disability Taskforce.

The ISIP Disability Task Force aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion of our brothers and sisters with disabilities.  

The ISIP Disability Task Force aims to:

  • provide ISIP services available for all 
  • highlight and promote best practices  
  • break down barriers and misconceptions 
  • provide education rooted in our Islamic tradition 
  • promote discussions focused on disabilities 
  • ensure all our community is served

  • Website – we have tried to ensure our website is fully accessible for screen readers
  • International and Regional lectures – live transcript available on all our lectures
  • Participation in Disability Conference (Deen Support Services, Sept. 2021, Canada)
  •          Topic: Islamic Psychology-A Holistic Tool for Mental Health
  • Resources – you can make a request for accessible resources 

Traditions, Paradigms and Basic Concepts in Islamic Psychology by Rasjid Skinner, March 2018

Islamic Psychology: Towards a 21st Century Definition and Conceptual Framework by Carrie York-Al Karam, 2018

Collaborating with other organisations 

Creating audiobooks, or recordings of IP articles/books/materials

Research looking into the effects of mental health with persons with disabilities 

Signposting to organisations and services that specialise in providing support, education, specialist services and counselling services.

Any questions contact us via our email:


Listen to some of our brothers and sisters sharing their experiences about living with a disability, or working with person with disabilities:


Sister Zainab shares how the ISIP Disability Taskforce started.
Sister Manal shares her reflections of the impact of working with children with disabilities.