In the year 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Allah in His Great wisdom, showed us the reality of the words in the Quran : Truly where there is hardship there is also ease (94:6). Our organization grew organically out of digital conversations and mutual interest of people from around the world connecting through various Islamic Psychology events. These connections would have been largely impossible without the pandemic and imposed restrictions across the globe regarding traveling. Conferences that were previously in-person, became available to a larger audience through new digital platforms. People who felt isolated in their own respective places discovered others with similar passions and collectively we drew upon each other’s knowledge and interests and uncovered treasures by resource sharing over social media platforms. Previous to ISIP, individuals were well-intentioned to try and implement into their practice and understanding an Islamic approach to psychology, but largely were trying to bridge the dissonance between Western psychology and Islamic Psychology on their own. 

ISIP was formed to provide an organized way to build upon the movement and create an enduring place for these growing connections and resources.

We ask Allah Most High for Tawfiq (Success). 

Co-Founders of ISIP
Seyed Jamaluddin Miri, (Malmö, Sweden)
Fatima Ahmad (Toronto, Canada)

                       Our Mission
ISIP-International Students of Islamic Psychology is an inclusive (open) space designed to connect people with diverse backgrounds interested in Islamic Psychology. We disseminate knowledge, share resources and discuss best practices in a free and accessible manner. ISIP provides a platform to enable further development of people’s personal and professional interests, studies and understanding of Islamic Psychology within their communities and/or countries of origin.

                          Our Vision
ISIP aims to bring about positive well-being for all human beings through a revival and promotion of Islamic Psychology. ISIP aims to revive the heritage of our well-rooted Islamic tradition and provide the basis of indigenous Islamic approaches within the realm of Psychology. ISIP envisions the normalization of Islamic Psychology throughout the world and eliminating stigma addressing Mental Health issues. ISIP aspires to facilitate a variety of healing practices and modalities that adhere to principles of Islamic Psychology.

                        Our Aim

  • Sharing resources connected to Islamic Psychology, (internationally, multilingual)
  • networking opportunities, (student-mentor, student-student, colleagues-practitioners, researchers-participants) 
  • educational opportunities: offer lectures, circles of learning (halaqas), translations of published works in Islamic Psychology in different languages, 
  • advertise and provide access to courses/seminars/conferences happening internationally
  • links to organizations and practitioners working in the field of Islamic Psychology internationally
  • guidance (live monthly support group, Intro to IP training, career pathways) 
  • supporting best practices in the field

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