The Role of Forgiveness in Islamic Psychology

Forgiveness plays a pivotal role in fostering mutual love, understanding, and harmonious relationships within Islamic communities. In Islamic psychology, it is not merely a moral virtue but a powerful psychological decision that contributes to the overall well-being of individuals. This article explores the significance of forgiveness, drawing from both Islamic teachings and modern psychological perspectives. […]

Ramadan Challenge With Imam Ghazali

You might be wondering what challenge has to do with someone who has passed away centuries back. Well, his sadaqatu jariah lives on and one of his blessed works – the Ihya is very much alive with us and I want to take us through how all the forty books in the magnus can help […]

Recognition of Rahman and True Servitude

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where financial markets, commodity prices, and exchange rates often dominate our thoughts, it is crucial to pause and reflect on the deeper purpose of our existence. Indeed, the human has not been created, except to know and worship Allah ﷻ.  Certainly, knowledge of Allah is the […]

WCNSF-Wounded Child, No Surviving Family | Rajab in Palestine

Image credit: Wikipedia By Fatima Ahmad WCNSF cries an emergency paramedic; hospitals of Gaza-the scenes are frenetic. Who are the wounded coming through the doors Ahmed, Haneen, Ala, Yaseen- No blanket to wrap them, no warm socks delivered  The WCNSF whimper and shiver; With trauma inflicted from no moral conscience; Ahmed, Haneen, Ala, Yaseen-  They […]

اعتداء الضحية|الظاهرة وعلاجها القرآني النبوي

عامر منير غضبان كثير من الظلم بين الناس يقوم به أناس يعتقدون أن لهم الحق فيما يفعلون، لأنهم تعرضوا لظلم سابق، أو لأنهم يخافون من ظلم قد يقع عليهم في المستقبل. هذه الظاهرة ملاحظة على المستوى الفردي، عند بعض الأفراد ضحايا الظلم والاعتداء، لكنها على المستوى الجماعي، عندما تصبح جزءاً من ثقافة مجتمع، تكون ظاهرة […]

متلازمة غزة | ومعادلة إنسانية المقاومة …GAZA Syndrome

مع الدكتور إبراهيم بو زيداني 1- متلازمة ستوكهولم (‏Stockholm syndrome) أثناء وبعد عملية تبادل الأسرى الذي تم بين المقاومة الإسلامية في غزة –حماس- والحكومة الإسرائيلية، ظهرت العديد من التفاعلات الإنسانية بين الأسرى الإسرائيلين من مختلف الفئات العمرية و أفراد المقاومة المرافقين لهم . حيث أظهر الأسرى تفاعل عاطفي-اجتماعي إيجابي جداً. هذه التفاعلات النفس-عاطفية بين “المختطفين” […]

Conquering Anxiety for Young Muslims (Part IV)

PART IV:  B. Social Media and Peer Pressure: Research from the Journal of Adolescent Health underscores the relationship between excessive social media use and heightened anxiety levels in adolescents. Factors such as the fear of missing out (FOMO), cyberbullying, and the perpetuation of unrealistic standards contribute significantly to increased anxiety (Source: JAH, 2019). Studies conducted […]

Conquering Anxiety for Young Muslims (Part III)

PART III: Trusting in Allah (Tawakkul) and Dealing with Anxiety: You know those times when things aren’t going as planned, and it feels like the whole world’s against you? Or when you’re super worried about exams, pleasing your boss, or taking care of your family? That’s when anxiety creeps in, right? Well, tawakkul is like […]

Conquering Anxiety for Young Muslims (Part II)

Shedding more light on mental health in Islam: Think about this: even the prince of mankind, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, faced tough times that made him sad or worried. The Prophet ﷺ had a year called ‘The Year of Sorrow’ after the demise of his beloved wife Khadijah (R.A.) and his uncle Abu Talib, along with […]

Conquering Anxiety for Young Muslims

By Zaheda Motala  Have you ever felt like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders? Like every step forward is overshadowed by the looming fear of what’s to come? Trust me, you’re not alone. In a world bustling with challenges and expectations, anxiety can creep in like an uninvited guest, stealing away […]