Seyed Jamaluddin Miri

  • Swedish, English, Farsi, Portugeuse & Spanish
  • Currently Masters Student in Clinical Psychology, Lunds University, Sweden Currently enrolled in Islamic Psychology Diploma, Cambridge Muslim College
  • Licenced Counselor (GPI – Gothenburg’s Psychotherapy Institute), former TV and Radio Host, Educator of Decolonial Theory and Islamic Psychology

Fatima Ahmad
Co-Founder / International Coordinator

  • English, Urdu, French, Arabic
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, York University, Toronto. B.Education, York University, Toronto. Final Year Masters in Pastoral Studies-Muslim Focus, University of Toronto, Ijaza in Tajweed (Hafs an Asim), Jordan
  • Teacher, 15 years

TASKFORCE FACILITATORS (TFF) Leaders of different ISIP Initiatives/Chapters

Dr. Mohammad Abo Hilal

  • English, Arabic
  • Psychiatry
  • General psychiatry
    Trauma related problems
    Refugee and internally displaced person,
    Psychosocial support
    Training and supervision

Dr. Zoubir Benmebarek

  • M.D
  • English, Arabic, French
  • Practicing Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, 16 years

Sundus Burhan

  • English, Urdu
  • MPhil Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical psychologist, MPhil dissertation on Emotional Intelligence

Ani Ivaylova Chalova

  • English, Arabic, Spanish
  • Bachelors- Arabic Studies, Masters- Psychology of Health
  • Business Administration

Maryati M Dahim

  • English, Malay
  • Masters in Social Science (Counselling)
  • School counselling, 16 years

Rabia Dasti

  • English, Urdu
  • MS in Clinical Psychology
  • Lecturer of clinical psychology, 7 years Practicing privately as a psychologist. Published some researches and chapters

Aziza Di Bello

  • English, Spanish
  • Degree in Psychology (Uruguay-Spain). Specialist in Clinical and Hospital Psychology. Postgraduate in Integrative Psychotherapy (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) and diploma in Psycho-Oncology for private and hospital clinics. Specialized in EMDR for the treatment of psychological trauma, in the Cognitive-Behavioral approach and Art-therapy (Spain, Italy).
    Trained and has experience in teaching for the medical-psychological field. Facilitator in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology, in Stress Management techniques – Anxiety and Mindfulness (Spain, USA). Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (Khalil Center) and Islamic Counselling (Al Balagh Academy). She applies Islamically Integrated Psychology in her professional work. Motivator and author, specialist in personal empowerment and leadership skills. Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language.
    Creator of different programs, courses and content for women and the Spanish-speaking Muslim population. Muslim since 2011, married and mother of 3 children. She lived between Uruguay, Spain and Palestine, lives currently in Turkey. In her work she claims the importance of the use of psychology in the Muslim community; contributes to breaking taboos and myths about its use and mental health, recognizing Islamic roots of modern psychology in our wise predecessors.
    With almost 20 years of experience, she focuses on online support for women who are struggling with loneliness, anxiety and unhappiness, so that they find clarity in their direction, strategy in their actions, improvement of their skills, and mastery of their psychology, in order to awaken the confidence and spiritual connection they need to have the Islamic life they always dreamed of.
  • Clinical Psychology, 20 years. 8 years of experience in the field of Psycho oncology and hospitals. Working with vulnerable population and refugees, 8 years

Ai Lien Djie

  • English, Dutch
  • *MA Educational Science, University of Amsterdam
    *BA Pedagogy
    *BA Psychosocial Counselor, Psychodidact
    *Islamic Psychology and Counseling Course level 1 at al Balagh Academy
    *Studying level 2 Islamic Psychology and Counseling
    *Studying Tazkiya Course al Balagh
    *Studying Addiction Counseling al Balagh
  • Self Employed Counselor and Life Coach for Muslim women (adults) since 2015 to date
    I help clients with complaints such as stress, anxiety, burnout, grief process, divorce, identity crisis, conversion to Islam.
    4 years Counselor at Islamic private Healthcare Company
    1 year Counselor for E-health at foundation ES (Emotionele Support)
    3 years Management team member at Islamic Primary school
    3 years Group Trainer for several businesses

Hajarabi Farzana

  • English
  • Currently Masters Student in Counseling Psychology
  • Certified Licenced Counselor, 2 years. Trained Montessorian Teacher, (preschool) 2-3 years

Shireen Ismail

  • English
  • Bachelor Social Sciences- Higher Diploma in Education – Honours and Masters in Educational Psychology, Honours in Islamic Studies, Student of Sacred Knowledge and Islamic Psychology
  • University Learning Support Clinic Supervisor, Educator, Learning Support Specialist and Educational Psychologist in private practice for fourteen years.

Aysha Jamall

  • English, Urdu
  • Diploma and Supervision Diploma in Integrative Counselling, CPCAB UK
  • More than 15 plus years in education, worked with children with learning, physical and social challenges , set up a SEN Department in a school here, have a centre that caters to the psycho social needs of children, adolescents and adults. Centre of Inclusive Care promotes towards a more inclusive society.

Zehra Kamadan

  • English, Turkish
  • Bachelors of Psychology.

Nasira Jibeen Khan

  • English, Urdu
  • Bachelor- Education
  • Teacher, 5 years & Teacher Trainer

Dina Khattab

  • English, Arabic
  • Bachelor- Economics and Political Science
  • Certified emotional intelligence coach for the past 5 years. Creates workshop designs and run one to one and group coaching sessions.

Madeehah Mauthoor

  • English, French
  • Completed Hifz course in South Africa, some Counselling Courses, Studies in Quran in Braille.
  • Quran Teacher

Roaa Moustafa

  • English, Arabic
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Working as a school counsellor in several international schools at Qatar. Working within a research team at Qatar University. Co-author a book chapter Islamic Psychology Around the Globe. Co-founder and President of Psychology Chapter at Qatar University.

Sana Noorain

  • English, Urdu
  • M. Tech, M. Teach, Certified spiritual counselor
  • Student counselor since 2015, Certified spiritual counselor since 2019

Annisaa Miranty Nurendra

  • English, Bahasa-Indonesia
  • Bachelor-Psychology Masters in Professional Psychology, specialized in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Lecturer in Islamic University of Indonesia (UII). Teaching Islamic Psy, I/O Psy, Research Methods, Psy Assesment & Intervention. Psychologist and counselor in UII Career Center, also UII Center for Applied Psy.

Noorin Saba

  • English, Urdu
  • Bachelor Of Unani Medicine & Surgery
    Enrolled in Islamic psychology & counseling Level-2
  • Working as a volunteer at Rahmah Foundation to empower Muslim women mentally & emotionally

Shaza Salaheldin

  • English, Arabic
  • • B. Sc. Electronics & Communication Engineering
    • Quran Ijaza Student
  • • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coach Federation (ICF),
    • Certified Life and Purpose Clarity Coach
    • Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner
    • Women Strength-based Development Coach

Zainab Riaz

  • English, Urdu
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies
  • Ijazat in Akeeda Tahawiyan Islamic Psychology Level 1 AS Level Psychology Studying to become Licensed Councelor

Gülsüm Zeybel

  • English, Turkish
  • Bachelor of Psychology


Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh

  • English, Arabic
  • PhD, Practical Theology – Islamic Law & Ethics (Dissertation: The Dying Experience of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH) – Graduate Theological Union – Berkeley, California
    MA, Muslim-Christian-Relations – Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT
    BA, Linguistics & Arabic-English Translation – Birzeit University, Palestine
    Graduate Certificate, Islamic Chaplaincy
    Certificate of Palliative Care Chaplaincy
  • Healthcare Chaplain at Stanford Hospital, 10years, and Spiritual Care Lecturer/Trainer in numerous Muslim-majority countries

Manaal Amir Ahmad

  • English, Urdu
  • Enrolled in Masters Program (Psychology), Aligarh Muslim University, India Completed BA (Hons) Psychology program. Completed a 1-year Diploma in Educational and Vocational Counselling.

Alawiya Ahmed

  • English
  • Teaching, and some counselling of adolescent students in high school with job, 10 years

Zain Syed Ahmed

  • English, French
  • Bachelors of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerodynamics researcher, 4 years
    Physics lab technician, 4 years


  • English, Turkish, German
  • MA and PhD in Psychology of Religion; PhD Dissertation (Topic: Spiritual care and Counseling) Completed Clinical Pastoral Training in Germany.
  • Currently Associate Professor at Istanbul University, Academic research, training, and practice in spiritual care and counseling.

Lalu Anwar

  • Lalu Anwar
  • Bahasa
  • Free Line Teacher and Student

Muhammad Khairul Anam

  • English, Bahasa-Indonesia
  • Bachelor -Psychology at Universitas Negeri Malang (State University of Malang)
  • Graphic Designer since College, Filmmaker

Fathima Banu

  • English, Malayalam
  • Masters in Psychology
  • Freelancer as Psychologist, 5 months

Shahanaz Begum

  • English, Bangla
  • Enrolled in Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
    Enrolled in Level 2 Al Balagh Islamic Counselling and Psychology
    Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
    Diploma in Quran Program
  • School Counsellor in Islamic Independent School
    Trainee student female Chaplain NHS
    Medical Lab and Healthcare Science Assistant NHS.
    Mental Health First Aider NHS

Amir Irwan Bahruddin

  • English, Malay
  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • 24 years working experience in the field of engineering, IT and creative media. Managing multiple team members with wide background and creative personalities.

Asude Zeynap Erbay

  • English, Turkish
  • Bachelor- Psychology

Saboohi Durrani

  • English, Urdu
  • Masters-Education
  • Elementary Montessori teacher, founder of a school, school administration and consultant for 25 years

Dr. Iman Farajallah

  • English, Arabic
  • Ph.D-Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)
  • Psychologist, educator, researcher

Farha Fahmy

  • English, Tamil, Sinhala
  • BSc Psychology and Counseling
  • Assistant Psychologist

Fatma Zehra Göçmüş

  • Turkish
  • Undergraduate Psychology Student, completing Bachelors

Marilyn Kang

  • English
  • Master in counselling
  • Counsellor in school, 3 years; rehabilitation counsellor for people with mental illness, 5 years

Ann bt. Ibrahim

  • English, Malay
  • BSc (Hons) Midwifery
  • Midwife, Nurse, Complementary Therapist, Mountain Medic, Permaculture Consultant, Educator

Esin Kantar

  • English, Arabic, Turkish
  • Bachelors in Islamic Studies and Psychology

Mairi Kants

  • English
  • Bachelor
  • Container shipping (Customer Service Excellence), total years in industry 8

Fatma Karakaya

  • English, Turkish
  • Masters
  • Clinical and Counseling Psychologist

Şeymanur Kaya

  • English, Turkish
  • Bachelors

Sadia Khalique

  • English, Urdu
  • Bachelor
  • Cyber security, 8+ years

Taofeeqat Kolawole-Odeyemi

  • English
  • Bsc Chemistry
  • Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist in NLP, EFT, CBT and Hypnotherapy modalities

Ainul Mardiah

  • English, Bahasa-Indonesia
  • Enrolled in Ph.D
  • Counseling psychology

Aasiyah Mauthoor

  • English, Arabic, French
  • 5 year study of islamic sciences
    Studied Islamic Psychology level 1 and now studying level 2 through Al Balagh
  • Teacher, 5 years

Iman Mohammed

  • English, Urdu
  • Bachelor-Psychology

Aliya Patel

  • English, Urdu
  • Post Graduate in Counseling Psychology
  • Life Coach by profession, Trained Certified Counselor, 3 years

Lujain Rustum

  • English, Arabic
  • Bachelor in MIS, Bachelor in Dawaa الدعوة وأصول الدين
  • Communication and social media 1 yr

Nabila Azzahra Pelango

  • English, Bahasa
  • Undergraduate Student-Psychology
  • Chief of Communication and Information department at IMAMUPSI Regional 4 chapter east Java, working as an editor, writer, and admin of @imamupsi4; Chief of Communication and Information department at IMAMUPSI, working as an editor, writer, and admin of @imamupsiid

Saira Qureshi

  • English, Urdu
  • Post-graduate training fellowship, M.A. & MHC graduate studies
  • Teaching, behavioral counseling & psychology research, clinical practice outpatient – licensed since 2016 (5 years); prior combined academic teaching, research & clinical work exp – 15 years

Eslem Sena Şahin

  • English, Turkish
  • Bachelor- Psychology
  • Internships at Turkish Red Crescent, The Little Prince Academy, and İGAM (Research Centre On Asylum And Migration)

Ruqaiyyah Sakala

  • English
  • Bachelor-Human Biology

Amathullah Salman

  • English, Tamil, Sinhala
  • Undergraduate Student completing Bachelors
  • Assistant counselor
    Research assistant
    Project coordinator

Ayşe Nur Süme

  • English, Arabic, Turkish
  • Undergraduate Psychology Student completing Bachelors

Fariya Tahreem

  • English, Urdu, Hindi, French
  • Undergraduate Student- Education


  • English
  • Masters
  • International Relations

Dania Mufasir

  • English, Urdu
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • 3 years of experience in the field of Mental Health. Worked with special needs children, depressive patients and other patients having different psychological disorders.


  • English, Arabic, Hausa/Fulfulde
  • Masters
  • University Lecturer at Federal University of Kashere Gombe State Nigeria, 2017 to date

Ruquyya Vankad

  • English, Urdu, Gujrati
  • P.G.C.E
  • Alima/Chaplain/Teacher

Mimi Fitriana Zaini

  • English, Bahasa-Indonesia, Malay
  • B.Hs Psych, M.Hs, Psych, PhD.
  • Clinical Psychologist, 15 years

Dr Mariam Z

  • English, Malay
  • PhD in Medical Science (Tumor Biology), MSc in Drug Discovery, BSc in Biochemistry.
  • Scientific Research (Cancer Drug Discovery, Natural Products Chemistry, Molecular Biology ), 15 years. Part-time Educator (Science Primary Students), 4 years