WCNSF-Wounded Child, No Surviving Family | Rajab in Palestine

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By Fatima Ahmad

WCNSF cries an emergency paramedic;

hospitals of Gaza-the scenes are frenetic.

Who are the wounded coming through the doors

Ahmed, Haneen, Ala, Yaseen-

No blanket to wrap them, no warm socks delivered 

The WCNSF whimper and shiver;

With trauma inflicted from no moral conscience;

Ahmed, Haneen, Ala, Yaseen- 

They have names, they have lives- they have dreams. 

For the mothers giving birth without anaesthesia, 

Ya Allah we are watching another Srebrenica, 

We are seeking forgiveness for staying so muted,

For the wounded children no family- barefooted,

Blackouts imposed by blackened-out souls,

Our men digging through rubble with sandals open-toed

WCNSF- wounded children- no family, 

autistic, blinded; deaf, amputated 

Eyes dilated, house dilapidated.

Handala represents-

that bitter fruit , coming back when cut- from its deep roots.

What court in the world can keep our mouths shut? 

When the haunting cries that repeat from the huts 

Scrolling while witnessing limbs torn apart.

Images seared in our skin, in our hearts, 

The sacred moon of Rajab, a month of ascension;

Show us the miracles Ya Allah, instill that conviction.

Grant us the certainty of Abu Bakr Siddiq

Let us come out and ascend to the peaks;

They are still praying with the rain you are sending.

Hoping and praying for ceasefire unending.

Adored You remain in the hearts of Palestinians,

We try and stand in the thousands and millions;

Astaghfirullah- We are turning towards You, 

What You have promised, we know will be true.

So what is the promise of a heart in repentance?

For Gaza’s WCNSF:

Jannah! For them – and their descendants.  

We are wrapped in kefiyyahs,  they are shrouding the dead, 

We are blessed they are martyrs though their family has bled; 

The pain in the hearts of those left behind

The crying of lovers to unite in due time. 

A sending off with patience and duas broken hearted, 

Telling them to send our Salams to the Beloved, 

You are the soul of our souls and we’re waiting your reunion,

These are the days of seeking and communion.

We got complicit- got used to their oppression, 

Now we freeze and claim depression.

Isra-Miraaj, Rajab, Sha’baan, Allahumma Balighna Ramadan

Deliver us to Ramadan, can we beg for a new start? 

And end to the genocide- and healing for hearts. 

2 thoughts on “WCNSF-Wounded Child, No Surviving Family | Rajab in Palestine

  1. Abier Elbarbary says:

    Your spoken word is powerful! May your heartfelt plea to Allah Almighty repeat and resound in hearts and minds throughout these blessed months -Ameen

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