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    In ISIP Turkey Whatsapp Groups, the events organized by ISIP Turkey are announced and the spoken language is Turkish.

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    Recordings of our ISIP Turkish lectures are available on our Youtube channel

Educational Initatives:

1.Lecture Series in Turkish

  • Hosting theoritians working in the field of Islamic Psychology. 
  • Aspirational future lectures and seminars on the application areas of Islamic psychology
  • We aim to create an electronic resource on Youtube so that people who have no knowledge of Islamic Psychology can get to know this field.
  • Previous Lectures included: 

-Developments in the field of Islamic Psychology

-Psychology and Psychotherapy in Islamic Thought – Solid Foundations New Horizons

-Multidimensional Human Conceptions in the Tradition of Islamic Thought

-Modern Psychology in Classical Islamic Texts

-Psychological Lessons from the Story of the Prophets

2.Translation Projects of Islamic Psychology texts into Turkish or from Turkish into English.

3..Digital Library


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