Dr. Fatimah bt. Abdullah

  • Associate Professor in IIUM (International Islamic University of Malaysia), Faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences
  • Working as a religious counselor at the International University’s mosque

Dr. Ahmad Ramadan Altinok

  • Researcher, Lawyer. PhD in Economics (E-commerce), and his 2nd PhD in Public Management (e-Participation). Worked as head of the e-Government Advisory Group at the Prime Minister’s Office 2007-2015. Lecturer on e-Government/public management reform at various universities in Turkey. Awarded the Strategic Visionary Bureaucrat of the Year, 2010 by TASAM, and most Innovative Bureaucrat of the Year, 2011 by EMEA e-Gov Award.

Dr. Rania Awaad
United States of America

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Director of the Stanford Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab
  • Executive Director of Maristan.org
  • Senior Fellow at Yaqeen Institute
  • Director of The Rahmah Foundation
  • Holds certifications (ijaza) in Qur’an, Islamic Law

Dr. Suleyman Derin

  • Professor at Marmara University, Department of Theology
  • English, Arabic, Turkish

Syed Basheeruddin Imran

  • Consultant in the field of Strategic Counseling for Individuals and Organisations.
  • He is the Director of Institute of Human Excellence and Professional Management (IHEPM). Areas of specialization are Personal Leadership,Social Entrepreneurship and Building Organization Culture. has extensively studied IBERR and the Tarbiya models propounded by Dawood Tauhidi and Mohammed Al Mahdi.

Dr. Naved Iqbal

  • Professor in Psychology, for over 10 years at Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • Specialization in Clinical & Health Psychology
  • Master Hypnotist, from California (2007)
  • Supervisor has graduated 20 Ph.D students
  • Author, Editor over 70 published works including:
    Psychological Issues and Interventions in Health and Well-Being (2016)

Dr. Bibi Jan

  • Educator, counsellor in Singapore, 16 years. Doctor of Education degree from the University of Durham, UK, Master of Education from the National University of Singapore and Master of Guidance and Counselling from James Cook University. Published and presented papers in the United States of America, Europe, East Asia, and ASEAN countries.

Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi
USA, Turkey

  • Licensed psychotherapist in the state of Illinois. Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, a Masters of Clinical Psychology and a minor in Islamic Studies. Currently a visiting scholar for Ibn Haldun University (Istanbul, Turkey), Adjunct Professor at American Islamic College, Hartford Seminary, instructor of psychology at Islamic Online University and founding director of Khalil Center in the United States. Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding at the Global Health Center.International public speaker and trainer currently serving as a Clinical supervisor of graduate students of clinical psychology at the Village of Hoffman Estates (DHS).

Dr. Fahad Khan

Hawa Bibi Khan
South Africa

  • Founder of the Merit Group of Companies, Habika Investment Trust and Ametrine. A chartered accountant and private equity fund manager. She is part of the first generation of Black and Women Investment professionals in the post-apartheid South Africa.

Dr. Samir Mahmoud

  • Lecturer at the Cambridge Muslim College on the BA in Islamic Studies and the Diploma in Islamic Psychology. Previously, Assistant Professor at the Lebanese American University. MA in Architectural History, Theory & Urban Design with a focus on the traditional townscape from the University of New South Wales, Australia. MPhil in Theology & Religious Studies with a focus on comparative philosophy and aesthetics. PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Winter (Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad).

Dr. Nesip Mustafa Merter

  • Medical Doctor, MD and PhD in Psychiatry in Zurich, Switzerland from Burghölz Psychiatric Hospital. Decades of experience in Transpersonal Psychology from a perspective of Sufism. Currently working on a psychological taweel of the Holy Qur’an. Author of the popular book published in Turkish, Nefs Psikolojisi. Founder and president of the Turkish Transpersonal Psychology and Psychiatry National Association.

Hussein G. Rassool

Dr. Bagus Riyono

  • President of International Association of Muslim Psychologists (IAMP)
    President of Indonesian Movement for Human Dignity
    President of Society for Intercultural Educators, Trainers, and Researchers (SIETAR) Indonesia.
    Faculty member of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Psychology
    Author and contributor to many research articles in the field of Islamic Psychology

Dr. Abdallah Rothman
United Kingdom (UK)

  • Principal of Cambridge Muslim College, UK
  • Executive Director of International Association of Islamic Psychology (IAIP)
  • Founder of Shifaa Integrative Counseling, over 15 years experience counseling
  • Author, Developing A Model of Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Editor, Islamic Psychology Around the Globe and contributor to many research articles in the field of Islamic Psychology

Dr. Zuhal Ağılkaya Şahin

  • MA and PhD in Psychology of Religion; PhD Dissertation (Topic: Spiritual care and Counseling) Completed Clinical Pastoral Training in Germany.
  • Currently Associate Professor at Istanbul University, Academic research, training, and practice in spiritual care and counseling.

Dr.Eshraga Sanhory

  • PhD in Psychology, Masters in Psychology, Bachelor in Psychology, Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Consultant for different organisations.
  • Psychologist working street children and homeless, 4 years
  • Psychologist working with prisoners,10 years
  • Hospitals in Department of Psychiatry, 6 years

Ramzi Taleb

  • Ph.D Dissertation in Amir Abdul Kadir al-Jazairi, Instructor/lecturer at Western University, University of Toronto. Speciality in North African Sufism, Sufi Qur’anic commentary and mystical theology. Published works include:

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