Islamic Psychology (Whatsapp) Resource Sharing Group

Educational Initiatives: 

  1. Online public lectures
  2. We host Muslim Mental health practitioners every two weeks on mental health and Psychology related topics from Islamic paradigm or as understood and practiced by Muslim mental health practitioners especially in the West Africa community context.

Sample of previous lectures:

  • Islamic Dimension to Meaning and Spirituality
  • NLP STRATEGIES for Cognitive Restructuring and Behaviour Change
  • Spirituality in the Development of Islamic Psychology
  • From Wounding to Healing: Islamic Strategies to Rewire the Traumatized Brain

Proposed initiatives are as follows:

  • Book reviews – To review works on Islamic Psychology and counselling via online discussions. This is hope to encourage research and the practice of Islamic psychology amongst the mental health practitioners and students in the field of mental health
  • Research and scanning project –

  • Some scholars in the region have contributed extensively in the area of Ilm nafs through the science of Tazkiyyah and their role as leader of the community. These works are hidden gems that are not given much attention and seen as general advice. We are inviting local and international scholars to search in the works of some of these scholars with the hope of extracting important ideas that will contribute to the global discussion on Islamic Psychology. Some of the scholars are;
    The Fodios; Sheikh Uthman dan Fodio, Sheikh Abdullah Fodio, Sheikh Muhammad Bello and other scholars produced by the Sokoto empire.
    The Kano Scholars
    Dedicated works on Tazkiyya; notably Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse is one of the most popular writers on topics of Tazkiyya in west africa especially through his Tafsir work and magnus opus on Arabic poetry on various topics.
    Sheikh Abdullahi Al Ilory – The founder of the popular Islamic and Arabic learning movement – Markaziy. His works both oral and writings, have now been extensively documented and available for more research.

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