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Educational Lecture Series

Previous Lectures included –
● Golden Rule Living: Islamic Psychology and the Problem of Violence in South Africa
● Islamic Psychology: The Concept of the Human Being in Quran and Sunnah
● Islam and Psychology

Upcoming Lectures –
● Mental Health in South Africa
● Emotion in the Quran (TBC)

Halaqa (Reading Circles)

Previous Halaqa Topics Discussed and Books Reviewed –
● What is Islamic Psychology?
● What are Islamic Psychology Concepts and Criteria?
● Books Reviewed – (Developing a Model of Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy; Nation on
the Couch – Inside South Africa’s Mind)

Upcoming Halaqa Book Review –
● The Dilemma of Muslim Psychologists

Reading Reflection / IPSA Partnership

Educational Workshops

Upcoming Onsite Workshop –
Counselling and Responder Training Skills Workshop
Modules – Mental Health and Youth Statistics, Mental Health from an Islamic Perspective,
Offering a Containing Space for Difficult Feelings, Case Discussion and Referral Procedure

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