Islamic Psychology (Whatsapp) Resource Sharing Group

Educational Initiatives: 

  1. Lectures (being offered in English, Urdu and Malayalam)

Previous lectures have included:

  • What is Islamic Psychology?
  • Healing the Mind Through the Soul
  • Components of the Human Psyche through An Islamic Perspective
  1. Halaqas/Book Clubs
    1. Women’s Book Club in Urdu, (Books: Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’s Sustenance of the Soul, Contemplation by Malik Badri)
    2. Men’s Book Club in Urdu (Ihya Ulum ad-Deen)
  2. Translation Projects of Islamic Psychology texts into Urdu or from Urdu into English.


ISIP India has a subchapter for Kerala/South India. This chapter is offering educational initiatives in Malayalam

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