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Islamic Psychology, Ghazalian Perspective




The best aspect of ISIP, which I have seen, is the genuine, kind, and unconditional support of each member. In fact, there is no shortage of support at any time. This has been an incredibly enriching experience!


I want to be part of any organization of Islamic psychology and I found ISIP. People here are humble , kind and cooperative. I have learnt many topics of IP via this platform. And I’m very thankful to the founders, who started this great initiative.


Masha’Allah ISIP is a fantastic resource and a must see for anyone interested in Islamic Psychology. The topics, the sessions with renowned scholars and resources shared are very relevant and several times introduced me to the depth of Islamic Psychology work that is taking place worldwide. It helps break away from the perception that Islamic Psychology is simply an emerging field. To add, it is a community like no other!


I love how the events are conducted in a very peaceful manner, they are actually very resourceful. The Q and As are great! The Whatsapp groups are regulated very respectfully which is quite a task when we have such a daunting number of people in it. Overall the ambience that the sessions and discussions have is beautiful to witness and makes me hopeful of a great future and scope that IP has worldwide.


I am very interested in the area of Islamic psychology.. Through this session I came to know more about this topic.. Jazakallah khairan kaseera..

Faiza R / India

Interesting presentation which increased my knowledge. The interactive method was excellent.

 Rashid Motala / United Kingdom

It was an expository and enlightening session with Dr. Naveed Iqbal. My interest was further piqued in Islamic psychology, it’s development and progression. What stood out for me was the succinct delivery by Dr. Naveed, amazing facilitation by Br. Seyed Jamaludeen and the ISIP team and active as well as knowledge-based contributions of participants. A big jazakumullahu khayran to ISIP for bringing this to life and may Allah grant you all success here and hereafter.

AbdulQayyum Ogundele / Nigeria.

An incredibly informative lecture which made complex concepts very easily accessible. Gave a perfect overview and references to where further information could be obtained. Highly professional in its delivery and very welcoming to participants. I would highly recommend it to others, thank you.

Aasia / UK

I found the part on the definition of self, transformation and nafs, self and ruh concepts useful. The differences between the Islamic psychology and western psychology was effective

Cemile / Turkey, PhD student

This was an extremely useful webinar in terms of bringing more understanding towards how I could integrate Islamic Psychotherapy into my practice. The Question Answer session was really useful. May Allah guide ISIP to take this movement to greater heights for the benefit of the ummah and the larger cause Aameen

Aysha J. / Pakistan

Barakallahu fiik, it’s a wonderful event, I learnt more about islamic psychology. Found some new insights and have new brothers and sisters from many countries. I will definitely join any future event like this. Thank you

Arief / Indonesia

The work being done by ISIP is quite noble. Developing an Islamic paradigm for psychology is much needed instead of just taking things from western scholars and saying “this is Islam” or “this is in Islam”. Yes we need modern western psychology but we need an Islamic paradigm too. It is not just a matter of taking a quran verse or a Hadith and saying this is so and so’s theory. Yet despite this, we need the western psychology as a guide.

Suhail Dalvie / – South Africa

ISIP has helped me in understanding the Islamic perspective of Psychology and how well Islam encourages our mental well being. All the lectures organised by ISIP taught me simple and effective ways of dealing with everyday anxiety and stress and how serious mental disorders can be prevented. The lectures cover everything about mental health mentioned in the Holy Quran, Hadith, Sunnah, and books written by Islamic scholars etc. I thank ISIP for their sincere efforts in enlightening us about Psychology in Islam.

Saamiya / India

As a psychology student and a Muslim, I need the right perspective in understanding psychology from an Islamic point of view, and this course gave me an understanding of that, thank you.

Wahyu / Indonesia

It’s a good initiative for us to explore and understand about Islamic psychology

Nazim / Singapore

I had a great time and it was a good experience for me. I found answers to questions in my mind. I will be joining other courses too.

Şevval D., Turkey

I now have an understanding of Islamisation of Psychology and Islamic Psychology. I look forward to future lessons in shaa Allah. As a Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Counselor (drugs), I will be very happy to better implement Islamic Psychology in my work with our community, firstly in Cape Town, South Africa then nationally. I appreciate this new learning experience and sincerely thank the team for their kind efforts and sacrifices, Alhamduliellah.

Fatima Osman, Cape Town / South Africa

A lot of added value in the lecture about prophets. The overall approach and explanations were excellent.

Vildana, Bosnia

The advice of Shaykh S. Derin to “use your situation to serve Umma. If you are angry, use it to fear aggressors. If you are sick, make dua like Ayub (aleyhi salam). İf you are a statesman, be like Yusuf (alayhis salam) in Egypt,” was great!!! I now want to research those prophetic archetypes.

Khaibullin İ., Russia.

I found the links to the lessons learnt from each of the prophets very enlightening. The professor was very knowledgeable and explained the topic very clearly.Would love you to learn more from this institute

Suada, UK